Bolton Community Furniture Store

Providing furniture,
Supporting people and
Protecting the environment

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Bolton Community Furniture Store (BCFS)

BCFS (Bolton Community Furniture Store) has been a registered charity since 1989. Previously known as Bolton Community Transport & Furniture Services (BCTFS) selling reused and new furniture for those in need in our local community.

We now concentrate fully on improving our environment by reusing furniture, electrical goods and paint that would otherwise go to waste.

We work hard to improve our environment by collecting and reselling used furniture and refurbishing electrical goods, working in close partnership with other local organisations.

Please take a look at our site and contact us if you have any furniture or electrical goods to donate or come and take a look round our warehouse.

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Appliance repairs


To recycle, upcycle and reuse household items in the relief of poverty through the provision of low-cost quality furniture. To work with partners in the borough to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing landfill waste.

Appliance checks


To provide low-cost high-quality furniture and household items through responsible and ethical methods.

Sofa Quality Control


To provide a range of furniture items and packages to those in need and to the local community.
To reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.
To responsibly source and dispose of household items.

Bolton Community Furniture Store

We are a charity helping local communities by putting pre-owned donated furniture back into circulation, reducing waste through Reuse and Upcycling, and provide employment and skills experience to people facing long term unemployment or barriers to work.

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Providing Furniture

In the last year BCFS collected and delivered furniture to 5600 homes in Bolton. The organisation helped around 30 families with its free service, providing 226 items of furniture totalling £9815. 93% of the total furniture sales were to families and individuals living in wards that are within the top 15% most deprived areas nationally.

Supporting People

We support local people in need, working directly and through intermediaries, through the provision of low cost donated and new furniture and household goods.

Protecting the Environment

We protect the environment by collecting donations of reusable household goods which would otherwise go to waste.


We offer training and work experience, particularly for the long term unemployed to help them to return into paid employment.